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Gowtham Sai

He holds good years of experience in IT and computer technology. Passionate about smartphones, electronic devices, and other modern technology.
Troubleshooting Expert PC Games Expert
Xbox Featured
Nov 29, 2022

How to Change Your Gamertag on Xbox App?

Gamertag is an identity that you create in the online gaming world. If you are not comfortable with the existing Gamertag on your Xbox, it is time…
Dying Light 2
Nov 21, 2022

Fix: Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working

Many gamers have complained about the Dying Light 2 co-op not working on various platforms like PC, Xbox, PS4, etc.
Call of Duty Warzone
Nov 14, 2022

Fix COD MW2/Warzone Dev Error 5573

While playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, many players have reported that they have faced dev error 5573 on Xbox, PC, and PS4 consoles.
Dec 20, 2022

How to Fix Valorant Error Code Van 6?

Most players around the world have reported that whenever they try to connect to the Valorant game, they encounter Error Code Van 6. Let’s understand, what are…
Apr 26, 2022

Fix: PUBG Failed to Initialize Steam Error

However, many gamers have recently reported they were getting an error 'failed to initialize steam' when playing the PUBG on PC.
Genshin Impac
Apr 24, 2022

Fix: Genshin Impact Failed to Check for Updates

Before you plan to check for the reasons to fix the Genshin Impact "failed to check for updates" error, you can try the basic troubleshooting as mentioned…
Among Us Characters
Apr 21, 2022

Fix: Among Us ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error

However, there might be connectivity issues sometimes, due to which the players might see a "disconnected from server" error.
Discord Featured
Apr 4, 2022

Is Your Discord not Picking Up Mic? Here’s How to Fix

If you are searching for "discord not picking up mic," you probably don't need an introduction to discord! This VOIP service usually works quite smoothly, but it's…

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