All Field Modern Warfare 2 Upgrades at the Time of its Release

By Aashish Verma

Field Upgrades are one of the few aspects in Modern Warfare 2 that haven't changed much.

An enemy-marking remote camera. Connect to it directly or set it to generate a warning sound when it detects enemies.

Tactical Camera

Closeness turned on the decoy mine. When the decoy is turned on, it is quickly set up to confuse and distract enemy Operators.

Inflatable Decoy

Portable ballistic cover. This barrier may save your life when you have nowhere to hide.

Deployable Cover

Autonomous defense device that kills up to three incoming objects. Larger targets may require many shots.

Trophy System

Makes your footsteps quiet for a short time. Kills by gun, melee, or throwing knife reset the timer—a great fit for stealth loadouts.

Dead Silence

Ammo and equipment for you and your teammates. Ideal for resupplying in safe territory.

Munitions Box

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