Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Introduces a New Multiplayer Mode

By Aashish Verma

Activision issued a blog today detailing Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer structure.


Get rid of everyone. The game ends when the first player gets rid of 30 other players. The top three players win.

Team Deathmatch 

Pure Call of Duty. Teamwork helps eliminate enemies and reach the score limit. The first to 75 eliminations wins.


Try to take control of the three flagged areas marked A, B, and C. During one round, points are given for captured areas.


The next Hardpoint is indicated in the last 10 seconds of the preceding zone every minute.


Grab the HQ, then defend. The team holding HQ has no respawns. When the HQ is offline, a new zone is chosen.

Search & Destroy 

Attackers win by eliminating all defenders before or after planting a bomb or by planting and exploding a bomb.

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