Complete Guide on How to Play Project Bronze Forever

By Aashish Verma


Bronze Forever Codes

– On the left of the screen, select the Menu. – Open the Settings – In the Codes box, type the code. – Tap "Enter"

How To Redeem Codes?

These codes are free gifts from the people who made the game. Most of the time, they come out with new updates or at the end of each month

What are These Codes For?

Follow the game's official Discord community server if you want to keep up with game news on your own. Here, you can find new codes, updates, and sneak peeks.

How To Get More Codes?

Project Bronze Forever is basically a complete remake of Pokemon. It has hundreds of different Pokemon models, and you can choose from 24 different Pokemon to be your starter.

What Is Project Bronze Forever?

The rules of this game are pretty tricky. You won't find it if you type its name into Roblox's search engine. You need to join the Project Bronze Discord instead.

How to play Project Bronze Forever?

Don't worry; once you're a member of Discord, it's pretty easy to figure out what to do. Follow the "Game Link" instructions in the "important" section.

Instructions of Game

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