Dead by Daylight: Halloween Event and Skin Details

By Aashish Verma

Dead by Daylight's Halloween event and skins are here! Dead by Daylight's 2022 Halloween event is titled Haunted by Daylight and features spooky material.

In honor of the holiday, Dead by Daylight will be free to play for just five days. From October 27 to November 1.

Date of Event

Detailed information on Haunted by Daylight was presented in a YouTube video highlighting the event's summary. The announcement includes the game's Tome 13, Malevolence.

Tome 13

The Tricks or Treats skin collection includes Dwight Fairfield, Jane Romero, and killers Hallowed Bright and The Doctor.

New Additions

This is precisely as you would anticipate it to appear: Dwight Fairfield was wrapped in a ton of toilet paper and appeared dirty.

Toilet Paper Mummy Skin

Again, this is likely exactly what you would anticipate. Jane wears a lovely blue-green formal gown far too extravagant for the occasion.

Hollywood Glamour Skin

This outfit is so cute. Her pants and shirt have straw sticking out of them, making her look like a scarecrow.

Cornfield Scarecrow outfit

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