Destiny 2: How to Get the Divinity Exotic Weapon?

By Aashish Verma

Divinity is a powerful Destiny 2 exotic weapon. It's a Raid weapon you may get by completing an exotic task with a six-person fire team.

How to start the Divinity Exotic Quest & finish it?

1. Find the Raid entrance while patrolling the Moon to start the mission. 2. Follow the cliff to a red bridge

3. Cross the bridge to an enemy group and clearing. 4. After the bridge, turn left into a cave. Here, kill opponents. 3. Cross the bridge to an enemy group and clear. engram will drop and reward you with "What's This... What's This?"

Step 1: The Orrery Lost Sector

Enter the Orrery Lost sector. In the Lost Sector, defeat all Vex adversaries. There's a recess in the upper left area above the raised ledge. This recess leads to a Vex Core you can analyze. Scan and continue.

Step 2 – Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector

After meeting Pakrion, you'll see a small cave on the left in the Ancient Haunt. Examine the cave's Vex Core. After scanning the Vex Core, head south to Conflux Lost Sector.

Step 3 – The Conflux Lost Sector

When you enter the Lost Sector, clear the Cabal over the gap.  You can make a little room after removing them. Up there is the finished Vex Core. Activate it, then fight the Vex wave. After analyzing Nessus, go to the Moon.

Step 4 – Sol Divisive Parts

For the next step, you'll need 120 Sol Divisive Parts. You'll get one of these pieces for every Vex you kill on the Moon. Go to the Moon and back to where you started this journey.

Step 5 – Visit Eris Morn on the Moon

Empowered Core costs 30 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern of Enchantment. Killing Nightmares during the Altar of Sorrow event can swiftly provide Phantasmal Essence.

You'll have one big task after these steps. Gather a team of five to overcome the Garden of Salvation raid's puzzles. Raid is Completed after seven puzzles. If done correctly, a second chest appears on the statue's right. Unlock a Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

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