Dragon Quest Treasures details gangs, base, facilities, the snarl, and rivals

By Aashish Verma

Additional information and screenshots for Dragon Quest Treasures, introducing gangs, your home base, base facilities, The Snarl maze, and competitor characters are revealed by Square Enix developers.

Your gang includes Draconia's monsters. Purrsula helps Erik and Mia join their gang. Monsters will join your gang after the fight.

Who’s in the Gang?

As Erik and Mia look around Draconia, they find a strange island that used to be the headquarters of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company.

Home Base

The vault holds Erik and Mia's treasure. They can showcase their favorite works on the plinths. Increasing gang rank unlocks more treasure plinths.

Facility 1: Treasure Vault

Mr. Muddimer helps you restructure your party and release underperforming monsters. When your gang rank is high enough, you can dispatch monster teams across Draconia.

Facility 2: Worker Dormitory

Deep underground, teleportals connect a network of rooms. Each time someone enters, the maze has new foes and rewards.

The Snarl

Erik and Mia aren't the only ones seeking Draconia's treasures. They have opponents that will do whatever to steal your money.


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