Every Significant Melee Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077

By Aashish Verma

There were many things shown in the game's trailers before it came out that didn't end up in the game itself, like several melee mechanics.

The Blue Fang is available in patch 1.6 and the New Weapons: Melee DLC. Jackson Plains' melee weapon merchant sells iconic blades for a few eddies.

Blue Fang

Complete Wakkako's gigs after patch 1.5 to acquire the Byakko. The Byakko hitting the sun or an opponent's neck is one of Night City's most beautiful sights.


Massive headshot statistics aren't just for sniper rifles. Headshots are the Headhunter's main selling feature.


Saburo Arasaka, Arasaka Corporation CEO, owns the Satori. Early 20th-century katana is as sharp as the day it was made.


Tinker Bell is an EBG. Low base damage but high electrical, critical, and shock damage. Once hit, the weapon can stun foes.

Tinker Bell

Cottonmouth is a legendary blunt weapon. Electric Baton Gamma deals with electrical and chemical damage. It boosts critical damage, poison, and shock chance and reduces stamina costs.


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