Check Here Everything About Clash Royale Championship League 2022

By Aashish Verma

After undergoing a significant overhaul in 2021, the game is expected to experience additional intriguing changes in the 2022 version.

What Is The Clash Royale Championship?

It is the official tournament for the Clash Royale Game that happens every year in early December. In the CRL, players battle for monetary prizes and the title of World Champion.

Championship Stages

Players and teams had to go through three seasons to get to the World Finals. At each stage, the players or teams with the most points moved on while the others were kicked out.

CRL- Prize Pool

Each third-party tournament has a prize pool of $50,000, whereas the total prize money for the World Finals will be $1,010,000.

Tickets of CRL 2022

The CRL World Finals 2022 will have 16 Golden Tickets. Eight will be offered through third-party events, and the other eight through a six-week in-game event.

Third-party tournaments

The third-party competitions include the Brenchong Cup, Royale MSTRS, Queso Cup, and ESL events.

CRL World Finals 2022

The 16 top players in the world will compete in the World Finals for the championship. The contest will take place between September 23 and September 25.

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