Here is the List of Halloween Updates in Clash of Clans

By Aashish Verma

Clash of Clans has introduced interesting Halloween content since 2014, so it will be this year too. The update usually arrives between the 2nd and 3rd week of October, as it will this year.

Most players await fresh challenges. This year's obstacle has been leaked as the "Coffin" in the image. The animation's title and name are presently unknown.

Halloween Obstacle 2022

We will also get a new paid Halloween Scenery, as we have for years. Scenery fans have had a great time over the past few months with the Anniversary, Clash Fest, and now Clashoween theme.

Halloween Scenery

A brand-new Halloween challenge with fantastic treasures and prizes will be added. It will last for over 4 minutes.

New Halloween Challenge

Like most Halloween celebrations in Clash, the Pumpkin Barbarian unit will also be added.

New Troop

The new levels are 85 for the Barbarian King, 85 for the Archer Queen, 60 for the Grand Warden, and 35 for the Royal Champion.

New Levels

Lastly, a new Clan Castle level will bring it to level 11 and give it 50 housing spaces. Again, this is strange because CC upgrades usually come along with Town Hall upgrades.

New Clan Castle Level

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