Fortnite: How to Complete all Challenges in Paradise Discord Quest 

By Aashish Verma

Fortnite's Discord connection was revealed. We'll complete 6 quests. Each should deliver an unobtainable reward.

Steps to complete all Fortnite Paradise Discord Quests

To get all of the rewards, players have to finish a total of six quests. Here is a list of the quests in the right order.

1- Assist teammates with 10 eliminations

You must shoot an opponent at least once to do damage to achieve this, then you must let your partner be eliminated.

2- Catch 15 fish

Sleepy Sound is excellent for catching 15 fish rapidly. With fishing gear around, this quest should take three to five minutes.

3- Survive 5th Storm Circle 3 times

The objective in each of these games is simply surviving till the fifth Storm Circle. You will have to start over in a fresh match if you die before this stage.

4- Make 3,000 damage to opponents

Players should shoot at everyone they see in the game to cut down on time and finish it as soon as possible. Every bit of damage done will help the game move forward.

5-Heal yourself: 300 health points

Once you've been hurt, you just need to use healing items that you can find all over the map to get your HP back. In this way you can secure 300 health points.

6- Place top 10 in solo 3 times

The last Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest demands three top-10 solo finishes. Since the quest doesn't entail killing enemies, it can be completed passively.

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