Here are the Patch Notes After Update 1.1.2 in Splatoon 3

By Aashish Verma

Splatoon 3 recently received a fresh update (version 1.1.2) from Nintendo that addresses various problems and bugs.

1. More steps have been taken to reduce the number of communication mistakes that happen after job shifts and fight shifts.

Changes to Connectivity

2. If a player held ZL during the drop-off, he might hold ZR. 3. Fixes a bug with splatanas that allowed several horizontal slashes after a charged slash even if the ZR button was only pushed once.

1. It was resolved that players' Booyah Bomb armor would remain intact for a predetermined period after being damaged.

Changes to Multiplayer

2. Safeguards were put in place to stop players from clipping through terrain and being stuck when they changed from swim form to human form close to a Tacticooler strategically placed in the corner of some maps.

1. Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when the player was done editing their locker and had put a photo stand in it.

Other Changes

2. A problem with Super Sea Snails has been fixed. If you didn't get Super Sea Snails from the first Splatfest, the final-results news broadcast would play again, and you'll be able to get them now.

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