Hitman 3 Revealed its Halloween Themed October Roadmap

By Aashish Verma

IO Interactive has made its strategy public through October 2022. This will provide gamers access to new contracts, clothes, and even a banana for their collection of elite weaponry.

You can keep Agent 17's suit if you successfully complete the "Brother from another Brother" challenge on Mendoza.

New Challenge "Brother from another Brother"

October 6

Barbara Keating, also known as "The Politician," is your target. She will be back in Hawke's Bay on October 7 for ten days.

The Politician Elusive Target

October 7

On October 13, new Elusive Target Arcades will debut with a fan-requested unlock.

Elusive Target Arcade "It's Bananas"

October 13

On October 13, users can enjoy Landslide for 10 days for free. Enjoy live music and strawberry gelato in Sapienza.

Location Rotation: Landslide

October 13

Creep up behind your prey with this oil skin coat, overalls, and shirt... permanent sleep. Unlock this feature by completing the sandman challenge.

The Sandman Challenge

October 20

The Appraiser is October's final aim. Miranda Jamison, head of Barcelona's Gorka Institute, is your target.

Elusive Target The Appraiser

October 28

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