How to Find Your Favorite Character in Dead by Daylight?

By Aashish Verma

For the Haunted by Daylight Halloween event in Dead by Daylight, there are many ways to get cosmetics for your favorite characters.

Similar to Unstable Rifts, pumpkins are dispersed around the map. After being smashed, pumpkins don't respawn, making them harder to find.

Where to find pumpkins?

When you locate a pumpkin, touch it. You can break it after a short time. The animation takes a few seconds, making Survivors exposed.

Interact with pumpkins

In Dead By Daylight, you can make the pink glyph show up in the game by choosing the proper challenge in the tome. There is one Pink Glyph to find and interact with in each match.

What is the Pink Glyph?

Following a strange but clear sound, you can find a pink glyph anywhere on the map. Crouch down and hide behind something when you see it.

Communing With the Pink Glyph

The Unstable Rifts spawn in the air throughout your map. They emerge in constant areas but require Void Energy to engage with.

Where to find Unstable Rifts?

As a Survivor, you can only get Void Energy by interacting with the generators, and as a Killer, you can only get it by knocking down and hooking Survivors.

How to Acquire Unstable Rifts?

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