How to Finish Mission 17 in Modern Warfare 2's Campaign Guide?

By Aashish Verma


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out now. The latest game in the series has improved graphics, music, AI, and more.

Valeria tells Task Force 141 about the secret missile in Chicago. You'll play Soap while Price infiltrates Hassan's building.

Task Force 141

You'll see enemies holding citizens captive as you descend. You can shoot captors through windows, but no civilians should be hurt.

Spot Enemies

Keep going down, and Price will tell you where you can get into the building. He'll blow out the windows, and you'll finally be able to get inside.

Enter in Building

Find a dark cover and access the missile controls. You'll realise the missile is bound for D.C. and you must stop it instantly.

Find Cover

As you kill the last enemy, Hassan will shoot you and bring you outside. Now you're a Ghost in another building. Hassan interferes with Soap; shoot him.

How to Win the Game?

Players can get the Union Guard weapon blueprint in Modern Warfare 2 by completing the 17th mission. This blueprint can be used in Multiplayer modes.

Rewards for Completing Game

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