How to Get Skull Trooper's Back Bling in Fortnite?

By Aashish Verma

Halloween is a big event in Fortnite because of the Fortnitemares event and the return of event skins.

The Halloween event skin Skull Trooper is one of the most famous skins in the game. Not too long ago, the skin got new looks and bling on the back.

What is Skull Trooper?

The Skull Ranger and the Skull Trooper are both part of the Skull Squad set, but getting the Skull Ranger skin won't let players do the Skull Trooper quests.

How to Unlock Skull Trooper?

The Battle Royale island has several chests, especially in specified spots; thus, visiting one will complete this mission quickly.

Search Chests in a Single Match

Three Daily Bonus Goals are allowed every day. First, three daily quests give a Daily Bonus Goal. This quest will take three days if a player completes all Daily Bonus Goals.

Complete Daily Bonus Goals

Team Rumble is a quick way to complete this objective without killing other players or wildlife.

Deal Damage to Opponents

Players will probably take the longest to complete this challenge. Playing 50 matches without consuming a significant amount of time is impossible.

Play Matches

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