How to Get the Extra Bonus Ending in Gotham Knights?

By Aashish Verma

The additional sequence in Arkham Knight is not nearly so difficult to access; if you keep playing after the credits, you will likely find it.

Gotham Knights take Batman out of Gotham City, so his sidekicks have to take over and keep the city from falling into chaos.

Batman is Removed

Come back to the Bell Tower. The family portrait featuring Batman's emblem is located to the left of the door leading outside.

Where To Find The Extra Cutscene?

To access the last sequence, examine the painting. The Bat Family is honored with an additional ending.

Final Cutscene

Before Batman dies, he talks with his four followers, and they try to get him to stop making his contingency videos.

Four Proteges

Finally, the heroes gather for a normal conversation and an elegy for their late mentor.

Final Elegy

Gotham Knights' plot is stronger and more direct than Arkham's, which emphasizes startling turns.

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