Rewards in Sea of Thieves: The Herald of the Flame Adventure

By Aashish Verma

The Herald of the Flame Adventure continues the Sea of Thieves plot and leads players into the volcanic Devil's Roar to stop a tyrant from returning from the grave.

This time in Devil's Roar, Belle makes her comeback, and she is the one who holds the key to Adventure.

Meet Belle at Liar’s Backbone

As part of the Adventure, you'll get the Lantern, which you'll need to finish the activity.

Receive an Enchanted Lantern

Seven visions can be found all over the Roar and the different Adventure areas.

Find all visions of Stitcher Jim

You'll use the Lantern to find three more memories, this time from creatures sent to watch Stitcher Jim.

Find hidden Reaper Scouts

Prepare for another boss fight, this time with the Herald, trying to bring Flameheart back to life.

Defeat the Herald of the Flame

Go back to the Liar's Backbone and tell Belle what happened.

Complete the Adventure

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