How to Unlock the Crimson Meteor Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy?

By Aashish Verma

Many new features were added to Tower of Fantasy 1.5, including a new map, boss, opponents, clothes, accessories, and an island that travelers can settle on.

The stylish motorcycle is called the collection's brightest red star because of the eye-catching color that makes it stand out everywhere it goes.

Chrimson Star

The bike stands out thanks to its distinctive appearance, which includes a red body, blue-tinged neon wheels, and graffiti on its sides.

Design of Meteor Vehicle

In Tower of Fantasy, players must enable Artificial Island Construction (Build Mode) and gather 140 Tech Store Tokens to obtain the Crimson Meteor Vehicle.

How to Unlock Meteor Vehicle?

Wanderers must trade 20,000 Metal, Fiber, Energy, Supply, and Accessory Materials to get 100 Tech Store Tokens.

Where To Get Tech Store Tokens?

Tower of Fantasy Resources is earned through killing opponents, animals, and bosses on the island, such as Hyena Thug, Steel Lizard, Honey Badger, Monkey Alpha, and Barbarossa.

Where To Get Resources?

Each dwelling in Tower of Fantasy Build Mode generates a daily Resource. To do so, open the menu, select Build Mode, and then click the claim button in the building's section.

How To Claim Resources?

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