League of Legends: Best URF Champion List

By Aashish Verma

Players get access to an incredible variety of champions through the URF feature, which is well-known for its lack of mana restrictions and reduced cooldowns.

Fiora is the game's champ. She can spam Q to dash throughout the lane, immediately hitting opposing champions; chasing them down buffs her.


Malzahar has a 57.85% win rate in Urf's midlane. His wave and enhanced voiding make him more frightening.


Xin is more dangerous because she has a dash with an incredibly low cooldown, empowered auto-attacks most of the time, and a knock-up.

Xin Zhao

Kai'Sa had a long cooldown and exposed weaknesses in Summoner's Rift. In URF, Kai'Sa can spam skills, shredding waves and health bars.


You'd think Yuumi, who has little chance without a partner, wouldn't make a list, yet she does. She's had one of the highest ban rates in URF since joining League of Legends and URF.


One of the first operations to terrorize URF mode Shaco, the Summoner's Rift, is a genuine bully in addition to being deceptive thanks to his Deceive ability.


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