League of Legends is Adding Jungle Pets

By Ashish Verma


Riot Games is planning to change the jungle again during the next League of Legends preseason, but it's doing something completely different this time.

Features Include

This includes aids for jungle pathing, jungle camp leashes, and jungle pets, which seem to be the answer to stale itemization in the role.

Overview of Update

An overview of jungle updates provided this week reaffirmed Riot's intention to add pets that will help junglers clear the jungle while also strengthening champions.

Riot said that the jungle items themselves, like Red Smite, don't offer a lot of excitement or readability right now, so they plan to change them.

The developers made it clear that the ideas were very new and that things would look different when the idea was fully realized.

One of the images below shows a small wolf walking behind Mundo in the jungle, and another shows how Riot used stand-in effects for the part where the pet gave the player an advantage.

At one point, the wolf got very, very small and stuck to your head. Then, a recolored version of Udyr's Tiger Form shone on you while Aatrox's ultimate activation sound effect played over and over.

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