"Linear Games are Easier to Make" - The Last of Us Co-director



Last of Us is an action-adventure game & the latest iteration was released in September last year.

The co-director of the last of Us franchise, i.e., Bruce Starley, conveyed his thoughts on the linear game.

Linear games are those non-open-world games in which the players have a set path to follow.

They are open-world games & the players will need to travel to multiple to achieve the goal.

The Naughty Dog developer is well respected in the gaming industry and among young gaming developers.

Although his opinions have left people divided, with some agreeing to it and some stating otherwise.

The creative director of Assasin Creed’s III and Far Cry 4 also shared his opinion on the linear games.

The hot take made by the creative director did not go well with people as they voiced against it.

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