Location, Strategy, and Loot Drops for the Fortnite: Inkquisitor Boss

By Aashish Verma

Fortnite's scary season has finally arrived, and it's time to take out this year's Fortnitemares boss, Inkquisitor.

You can find the Inkquisitor boss on a secret floor below the basement of the Grim Gables house, which is west of Shiny Sound.

Where to Find the Inkquisitor in Fortnite?

To beat the Inkquisitor boss in Fortnite, you should get some powerful weapons and follow these steps:

How to Defeat the Inkquisitor?

Use your Pickaxe to kill any Jump Scare Zombies you see in the house, as they'll die after two hits, and you won't waste any ammo.

Step 1

The Inkquisitor has many weapons, like the Pumpkin Launcher and firefly jars. So, to avoid a fire, move around and don't stay in one place.

Step 2

Bring epic or mythic-level weapons, and a Pumpkin Launcher or the brand-new Explosive Goo Gun would be best.

Step 3

He has a lot of health, just like the Herald, so be sure to bring Shield Potions and Med-Mist with you so you can heal.

Step 4

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