LoL World Championship: Riot Games Goes All-in on REMI Amidst the Finals

By Shekhar Vaidya


Following a two-year, the League of Legends World Championship has finally returned with full-fledged houses for the year’s events in North America.

The final teams will compete for the title tomorrow when the audience culminates with the much-anticipated match at the Chase Centre in San Francisco.

Riot Games is preparing to serve live productions in Mexico City, New York City, and Atlanta between January and March.

They will be using its REMI production model and leveraging Riot’s LCS Studio in Los Angeles.

In 2020 and 2021, Riot Games was an early pioneer in the REMI realm. The pandemic drastically accelerated its remote production efforts, and the fruits of this effort are paying off at Worlds this year.

Riot Games’ technical broadcast manager, Michael Caal, says, “It’s always been on our roadmap, but the pandemic definitely fast-forwarded a lot of workflows that we had been holding off on.

Riot’s global events team provides a broadcast of League of Legends to 22 broadcast partners in 21 languages.

The venue for the Play-In stage in Mexico City (Arena Esports Stadium at Artz Pedregal), Group and Quarterfinal stages in NYC (Hulu Theater at MSG), Semi-finals in Atlanta (State Farm Arena), and this weekend’s Finals at the Chase Centre.

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