Lord of the Rings RPG Announced and Adapts Dungeons

By Ashish Verma

Publishing Details

The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying, a new game from Free League Publishing, uses Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules but is set in Middle-earth.

New Classes in Game

The game will have six new classes, six original "heroic cultures" from Eriador, and rules for journeys, "wonderful artifacts," and the more subtle style of magic found in Middle-Earth.

New Version of Game

Free League Publishing produced a new version of The One Ring, a Lord of the Rings roleplaying game with novel rules, early this year.

Lord of the Rings Roleplaying seems to be a new version of Adventures in Middle-Earth, which was the Lord of the Rings version of 5E.

Cubicle 7 used to publish Adventures in Middle-Earth as a companion game to The One Ring. However, in 2019, it lost the license to publish both games.

Adventures in Middle-Earth got a lot of praise for how it changed the rules for traveling in 5E. Many Dungeon Masters use those rules in their other 5E games.

One big difference is that The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying focuses on Eriador. This area was briefly mentioned in Adventures in Middle-earth, but in the new edition of The One Ring, it is the main setting.

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