Pokemon Journeys' Preview Features Ash/Cynthia Battle

By Aashish Verma


Pokemon Journeys has done the impossible and allowed Ash Ketchum to reach the final four in the Masters 8 Tournament.

First Look of Fight

As the battle approaches, the anime series has given fans a first look at the fight between the two Pokemon trainers that will begin in the next episode of Pokemon.

Biggest Strength of Pokemon

Cynthia has a past with Ash from previous episodes and is coming for what she considers to be her final battle as a Pokemon trainer.

Farewell to the Protagonist

With Ash winning the Alola Tournament in Pokemon: Sun And Moon, this may be the season to say goodbye to the series's protagonist of over a thousand episodes.

Preview for the next Episode

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon anime released a new minute-long preview for the next episode of Pokemon Journeys, allowing anime viewers to see the battle.

Pokemon Episodes

Pokemon Journeys has run for one hundred-plus episodes and it certainly seems as though the Masters 8 Tournament will bring the latest season to a close.

With Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, we're sure to get a new anime season to explore the new regions and pocket monsters.

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