Patch Notes for Rust update 1.54 Unveiled a New Halloween Event

By Aashish Verma

Facepunch Studios' multiplayer-only survival game Rust released a 1.54 update with Halloween-themed content.

Every 1-2 hours, a candy quest begins. You have 3 minutes to collect the candies. The top 5 players get loot bags.

Haunted Hunt Event

Sickle, Butcher Knife, and Pitchfork. You can find these weapons in loot bags during the Halloween event or make them yourself.

Haunted Weapons

During the Halloween event, Spider Webs, Coffins, Graveyard Fences, and Gravestones can be found in loot bags or made.

Other Halloween Items

Various Crashes Like joining map seeds,  Quick Crafting menu,  interaction menus,  Fixed gunfire crashes, and turret inventory crashes all are fixed.

Crashes are Fixed

The player can now remove low-grade fuel from the Tuna Can Lamp, Miners Hat, Ceiling Light, Candle Hat, and Lantern. Also, fixed team creation issues.

UI Issue is Fixed

Fixed a few bugs with the Bone Club and Bone Knife skin preview zooming.

Other Changes

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