Here are the Best Skills to Unlock in DioField Chronicle

By Aashish Verma

Depending on the weapon the unit uses, the cavalier talents can be divided into the lance and claw categories.

Best Cavalier Skills

Full Frontal Assault: This skill allows you pick a target area for your unit to move there Vicious Swing: This skThis skill allows you to pick a target area for your unit to move there

Best Lance Skills

Cyclone: It's expensive and has a long cooldown, but it's powerful Flame Assault: Like Full Frontal Assault, this skill moves your unit while hitting anything in their way.

Best Claw Skills

The dagger, sword, shield, or axes are essential to soldier skills.

Best Soldier Skills

Shadow Step: When using this maneuver, you'll remark ,"Nothing personal, kid." Assassination: You'll love this move if you're familiar with the last hitting from MOBAs.

Best Dagger Skills

Wands and staffs are the two primary implements that practitioners of magic use to cast spells.

Best Magicker Skills

Chain Shot: Chain Shot is just too satisfying an AoE talent to overlook Chaos Cluster: This skill is a little bit random, but that's part of what makes it fun.

Best Firearm Skills

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