Udyr’s Gameplay Rework is Finally Coming

By Aashish Verma


Udyr has long been one of the League of Legends champions most in need of an update, and now his rework is finally almost here.

New Trailer

Riot Games released the first full trailer for Udyr’s gameplay rework on Friday, showing off The Spirit Walker’s new look as he chases enemies around the Rift.

Clues About Game

While we still don’t know exactly what Udyr’s reworked abilities will do, the preview in this trailer gives us plenty of clues.

First Clue

It seems he will still have four different stances to switch between, each with its own unique effects on his movement and attacks.

Second Clue

The trailer also shows off the visuals of his new stances, which seem to be based on the Freljord’s gods, like Anivia, Ornn, the Iron Boar, and Volibear.

Third Clue

These are the changes from the Phoenix, Turtle, Bear, and Tiger that the old version’s stances were based on.

Release Date

We don't yet have a release date for Udyr nor do we fully know what he's capable of, but with teasers like this already out there, expect more news to come soon enough.

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