Z-Man Games Announces Deck-Building Battle Game, Challengers

By Aashish Verma


Challengers, a new dueling deck management game from 1 More Time Games and White Castle Games Agency, was announced by Z-Man Games.

How to Play?

In Challengers, players can select over 70 character cards and build decks to compete in duels against other players.

Each character combination opens new paths to victory. Players fight up to four simultaneous duels to win trophies.

Number of Rounds

After seven rounds of play, the two players with the most trophies and fans compete to become the ultimate champion.


The game lasts for 45 minutes and is designed for 8+. The Z-Man game will support 1-8 Players.

Launch Date & Price

Challengers will debut at SPIEL 22 in October and go on sale in November for around $39.99.

Challengers will be available at SPIEL 22 in Essen, Germany, and will go to the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany in November.

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