Elden Ring's Garden of Eyes Mod Adds New Weapons, Boss Fights & More

By Gagandeep Singh


Elden Ring, with its early release last year, took the gaming industry by storm with its Seoul-like & Open world-like theme.

The video game did pretty all over the globe and also managed to bag the game of the year in 2022.

The recent update of the Elden Ring with the anticipated stadium enabled player vs. player, which became an instant hit.

The Elden Ring hasn't received any major content updates in some time, so the need for content consumption by the players has made way for the mods to kick in.

Among a number of mods, one mod that the players have most liked is the Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod.

The developers of the Mod have added new custom weapons, armor, mounts, talismans, and more to the already thorough experience.

The Garden of Eyes Mod currently has over 20 new and resorted weapons & more than 30 brand new armor sets, custom horses, and a Halloween overhaul.

The mod isn't free & those to wish to play will need to pay at least a $5 per month subscription, which will give them exclusive access to the Elden Ring Mod Launcher and its other mods.

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