Elden Ring’s Garden of Eyes Mod Adds New Weapons, Boss Fights & More

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring, with its early release last year, took the gaming industry by storm with the game’s Seoul-like formula & Open world theme that has revived the genre. 


With that being said, From Studio’s game Elden Ring did pretty well all over the globe and also managed to bag the game of the year in 2022.

The recent update of the Elden Ring with the anticipated stadium enabled player vs. player, which became an instant hit. The ever-growing need for content consumption by its players has made way for the mods to come in while the players wait for the DLC content.

Well, among the number of mods, one mod that has been most liked by the players is the Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod.

The Elden Ring hasn’t received any major content update in some time, and the community has been demanding the content, so until the time the action role-playing video game developers come up with some DLC (downloadable content).

Elden Ring-1

The team at the Garden of Eyes Overhaul has given content that the community can play with and also to keep the game fresh.


The developers of the Mod have added new custom weapons, armor, mounts, talismans, and more to the already thorough experience.

Furthermore, if you are a player that has overcome all the bosses in the game, the mod adds new challenging bosses up your sleeves to play with. 

The developers of the Garden of Eyes Overhaul said in a statement –  The Garden of Eye Overhaul mod aims to completely change the Elden Ring gameplay experience by adding new custom-made weapons, brand new armor from previous games, horse mounts, new boss fights, talismans, guns parrying and so much more.

The mod currently has over 20 new and resorted weapons & more than 30 brand-new armor sets, custom horses, a Halloween overhaul, and many more things coming soon.

Not only this, the developers of the mod have already created a YouTube playlist for the previews of the mod. A YouTube video by the Garden of Eyes Overhaul features various custom-made weapons with stunning visual effects, amazing movesets, and, finally, the design of it.

The Elden Ring – Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod Preview

 As I mentioned above, the video of the mods shows the weapons that the players will get once they install the mod. It seems that the players have developed a liking for attractive weapons. Also, the video further shows other things relating to the mod.

Though the mod is not free and has a PayPal account linked to it, so it cannot be downloaded for free. Those who wish to download the mod & play will need to pay at least a $5 per-month subscription which will give them exclusive access to the Elden Ring Mod Launcher and its other mods.

Now the amount of content the team of the Gardens of Eyes has given, many players consider it to be the level of the DLC with the new custom weapons, visuals, and the design of it.

Well, what are your thoughts on the Garden of Eyes Overhaul Mod for the Elden Rings? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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