Forspoken's Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items

By Gagandeep Singh


Forspoken is an Action-Role Playing Game developed by Luminious Production and produced by Square Enix and is set to release on January 24th.

Though the game has become yet another victim of the games getting leaked before their official unveiling as the initial hour of the gameplay was leaked.

The initial hour of the forthcoming game was leaked on the ResetEra forums. However, the post has been now taken down! The leak is all over the internet via numerous links.

The footage seems to be from the Playstation 5 & about 76 minutes long. The leak only shows the gameplay's starting hour, although it includes some cut scenes and combat.

The leaked footage revealed the gameplay setting and accessibility settings of the game, and the footage also reveals the combat of the game.

The character in the game is helped by a magical talking cuff, which enables the character to use magic in Forsaken & there’s even a setting that lets you change how often the cuff speaks.

Similar to the God of War Ragnarok NCPs, which the game got quite a flak from the players for speaking too much between the puzzles & running the experience of solving them for the players.

It is not known how the mission/puzzles work in the game but if the players don’t want it to speak & if want to listen to what the cuff says, then they have the option for it.

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