Forspoken’s Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items

Forspoken Tanta Prav
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Forspoken, an Action-Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by Luminous Production and produced by Square Enix, is slated to release on January 24th. The two have worked before on Final Fantasy VX. So forsaken using the same engine is not surprising, although both are very different.


Moving on, the upcoming game Forspoken is yet another victim of the games getting leaked before their official unveiling, as the initial hour of the gameplay was leaked. Recently we’ve seen many IP titles getting leaked, such as Fire Emblem’s Engage, Bayonetta 3, and more. 

Forspoken's Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items 1
Alfre Frey Holland

The initial hour of the forthcoming game was leaked on the ResetEra forums, although the post has been now taken down! But as they say, once things are up on the internet, they remain on the internet, so this one is no different, as the leak is all over the internet through numerous links.

Upon looking at the leak, the footage seems to be from the Playstation 5 & is about 76 minutes long. The leak only shows the starting hour of the gameplay, although it does include some cut scenes and combat.

Forspoken's Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items 2
The Cuff, Credits – Luminous

Also, the user interface of the game has also been made better on the PS5 as a lot of fans were not happy so the company took the Feedback and the game got an update to the PlayStation which fixed some issues.

Furthermore, the leaked footage revealed the Gameplay setting and Accessibility settings of the game, the leaked starting hour of the Forspoken also reveals the combat of the game in Easy mode, which makes that player can decide now on what difficulty level will they like to play the game once it is released. 


Well, as for the Accessibility settings, looks more like standard settings that the majority of the titles have these days. Something which is seemingly more interesting is that there’s even a setting that lets you change how often the cuff speaks. 

Forspoken's Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items 3
Tanta Sila, Credits – Luminous

Also, one thing to note here is that the Playstation demo that is available is more like a sandbox version of the game wherein the players can easily roam and complete some tasks, so in that way, this leak is different from the PlayStation demo.

If you have been following the game, then you might know that the character in the game is helped by a magical talking cuff that allows the character to use magic in Forsaken. 

This kind of seems similar to the God of War Ragnarok, which also has a Non-Playing Character who received quite a flak from the players for speaking too much between the puzzles and also running the experience of solving them for the players playing the game.

Forspoken's Leaked Gameplay Reveals Game Combats and In-game Items 4
Tanta Prav

Nonetheless, it is not known how the mission/puzzles work in Forspoken and if there are any other fixes that the cuff offers but at least if the players don’t want it to speak or if they’re all in for whatever the cuff has to say they have the option for it in the game.


It is worth mentioning that it is not at all unusual to see games getting leaked before their supposed launch, although Forspoken has not been well received by the players, especially for the dialogues, combat & more.

So it would be interesting to see how the game does once it gets released this Tuesday. So what are your thoughts on Forspoken? Are you excited to play? Let us know in the comment section below.

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