Forspoken's Limited Review Copies Draw Criticism from Media Outlets

By Gagandeep Singh


Forspoken, an Action- Role-playing game with the main character Frey a woman who gets transported to a fantasy world, is slated to release on January 24th.

Though the game hasn't received a positive response from the community & attracted negativity, whether it's for or gigantic requirements of PC or clumsy combat.

It seems like that hasn't changed, as Square Enix has decided not to share the pre-release review codes with various media outlets. 

A number of eminent people have come forward on Twitter and voiced their opinion about the lack of pre-launch codes with media outlets Window Central, VGC & more.

The media outlets have seemingly reached out to Square Enix for the pre-review codes but haven't had any success with it.

Andy Robinson of WGC said sadly won't be publishing a Forspoken review on Monday since Square Enix has decided not to supply us with code.

A reviewer named Skil up on Twitter said that he has heard that seven of the outlets have not gotten the review codes, but these limited codes are too bad.

Although Square Enix has not responded to any of these & it has led fans to be puzzled & speculate about the whole situation.

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