Forspoken’s Limited Review Copies Draw Criticism from Media Outlets

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As we already know, Square Enix Forspoken is an Action- Role-playing game with the main character Frey, a woman who gets transported into a fantasy world.


The game is slated to release on January 24th, and with that being said, the game hasn’t received much of a positive response from the community but has attracted negativity, whether it’s Forspoken one hour of gameplay getting leaked or gigantic requirements of PC specs for playing on it. 

It seems like that hasn’t changed as Square Enix, Forspoken publisher, has decided not to share the pre-launch review codes from various reputable media outlets. 

A number of eminent people have come forward on Twitter and voiced their opinion about the lack of pre-launch codes for the title in question, i.e., Forspoken, with media outlets like Window Central, Video Games Chronicles, and many more. The media outlets have seemingly reached out to Square Enix for the pre-review codes but haven’t had any success with it.

Forspoken's Limited Review Copies Draw Criticism from Media Outlets 1
Anna Freya Holland

It looks like VGC sadly won’t be publishing a Forspoken review on Monday. Since Square Enix has decided not to supply us with code, that’s an extremely rare occurrence for us, so read into however you like, wrote Andy Robinson, owner of WGC, on Twitter.

Tom Henderson, a reputed gaming journalist, asked the VGC founder whether this was all because of that 1 hour of gameplay that was leaked; Andy replied by saying this ball has been rolling for a while.


A Youtube channel that nearly has 1 million subscribers & goes by the name ForceGamingyt shared the same feelings as others. Also, a YouTuber Luke Stephens said the same thing, and he thinks this is because he criticized it & now will not get pre-review codes from Square Enix despite trying again and again.

My and I have been desperately trying to get a Forspoken code, but it appears we won’t be getting one. Can’t blame them as we have been very critical of the game/demo, Luke said on Twitter.

This doesn’t end here; a reviewer, Skil on Twitter wrote that he has heard that seven of the outlets have not gotten the review codes. Adding more to this, he mentioned although no company is entitled to give codes, this “Limited code” is too bad and goes on to say that he also has not heard of any major outlet having codes for PC yet but then says he can’t confirm.

Anyway, the embargo for the Forspoken review lifts one day before the game release. It would be very difficult for any reviewer to put out an review for an open-world game in just 2 – 3 days, even if the company does give out codes.

The reasoning behind not sending the review codes or delaying them is still up in the air, though it has given birth to many speculations in the community.

Forspoken Tanta Prav
Forspoken Tanta Prav

The fans in the Forspoken community have started speculating that this could be because of over-the-top PC requirements for the game or Forspoken demo having a ton of issues on the PC.

These are minimum requirements  16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 1600, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 at 720p at 30fps, these are just the minimum requirements! & for the best experience of the game, it requires 32GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 5800 ( 3.8GHz or better) CPU, and AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU (16VRAM) for 2160p at 60fps.

Now considering the overwhelming PC requirements, game gameplay getting leaked etc.  On top of all this, Square Enix has not responded to any of these queries, which certainly has left fans puzzled.

What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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