League of Legends Patch 13.1: Four Champions Buffed

By Gagandeep Singh


The video game maker Riot Games is back in the studio & straight into work mode with the first patch of season 13 of League of Legends.

In November last year, the video gamer maker, after the pre-season reveal, mentioned that the Jax & Rell would be getting the mid-scope update.

Game Designer Ezra Phlox said that they are looking at the Solo Queue for the outlines. We are also buffing underpowered items and adjusting Jak’Sho.

Riot Games is nerfing Yumi as Phlox said that the larger Yummi changes are still in the works, and we are nerfing her in this patch since she remains highly banned.

In patch 13.1 of the LoL, there are a total of 12 Champions that are getting balance changes & seven items are getting buffed, nerfed, or system adjusted.

Champions buffs - Sion, Jayce & more, and System adjustments are -  Jak'Sho & more. As for nerfs - Aatrox, Rammus etc.

We should be getting the actual numbers, changes to the champions, and other items as LoL patch 13.1 goes into Public Beta Environment.

As per Riot Games, the League of legends (Season 13) patch 13.1 is scheduled to go live on January 10th.

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