League of Legends to Get a New Deathmatch Game Mode this Summer

By Gagandeep Singh


League of Legends season start hasn't been up to the mark. Cinematics was not up to the usual quality & Riot failed to coney the Ranked time & date.

The players came forward and voiced their opinions about the season not being up to the mark & how important LoL is to them.

All this enormous outflow led to Riot Gaming addressing what went wrong & what measures will they take to correct them.

In a video, Jeremy Brightmoon lee & Andrei Meddler addressed the situation and said they want to share some thoughts and discuss how we are working to improve it.

Riot Gaming is working on a New Game Mode for the League of Legends. Alongside this, A 2024 Season start, Champions-led cinematics, etc., are working on.

The game mode involves four teams of two players who get matched up against each other in a series of deathmatch-like rounds, buy items, level up, and so on between the round.

Nonetheless, the League of legends team will likely provide more information about the upcoming new game mode sometime in March.

If the game mode's development goes as Roit planned, we should see this new deathmatch game mode sometime in the summer of 2023.

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