League of Legends to Get a New Deathmatch Game Mode this Summer

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This year, the league of legends starts of the season haven’t been up to the mark. The cinematics was average, not up to the quality standard that LoL has set over the years.


No new game modes & also, and the company failed to convey to the players about the Ranked start date & time.

The players came forward and voiced their opinions about the season not being up to the mark & how important LoL is to them. 

All this enormous outflow led to Riot Gaming addressing what went wrong & what measures will they take to correct them

League of Legends New Game Mode Announcement.

LoL Game Executive producer Jeremy Brightmoon lee and the Head of the league Studio Andrei Meddler in a statement on Twitter, said we know we failed to deliver the stuff that really matters to you folks; we want to share some thoughts and want to talk about how we are working to do it better.

Well, that’s exactly what happened as Riot Gaming has announced that it is working on a New Game Mode for the League of Legends. It is a piece of good news for the players who have been asking for the new game mode for a while now.


Alongside the promising New Game for League of Legends, these are other things that the team will be working on for the coming months and seasons.

  • A 2024 Season start, Champions led cinematics.
  • Improving events and new modes, including one this summer.
  • Continued Investment in League’s tech.
  • Better Communication (More regular, transparent and proactive, etc.).

The Head of the league Studio, Andrei Meddler, noted that one thing which was missing was no new game mode and admitted that league of legends used to have a dedicated game mode team but then it was shited to build Teamfight Tactics.

Lissandra Champion
Lissandra Champion (Credit: League of Legends)

Meddler said that the company is re-building the game mode team, although it was not a priority. In Addition to this, the developers mentioned that the game mode team is all up and just ran a prototype test this week.

As we know, the League of legends team is working on a new game mode; the game mode involves four teams of two players who get matched up against each other in a series of deathmatch-like rounds, buy items, level up, and so on between the round. Although it is janky at the moment, the prototype looks promising, the devs added.

Nonetheless, the League of legends team is likely to provide more information about the upcoming new game mode sometime in March.

Yummi Champion
Yummi Champion (Credit: League of Legends)

For those who don’t know, this entirely new game mode which is in development is the first game mode being introduced in the LoL as the last game mode, which was kinda different, i.e., Nexus Blitz was added to the game in 2018.

Since then, the players have been shuffling between the various game modes, i.e., All Random Ultra Rapid Fire.

If the development of the game mode goes according to how Roit has planned, we should see this new deathmatch game mode sometime in the summer of 2023.

It is good to see the company finally listening to the community’s feedback and bringing out the changes to make the game better.

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