Microsoft's Redfall Xbox X Series European Pricing Leaked

By Gagandeep Singh


Redfall is an open-world first-person shooting game with a story & a selection of Four characters to look after against the vampires. The game will have both single & co-op modes.

The AAA title has been the subject of rumors and leaks & still is, as the European pricing of Microsoft's Redfall has been leaked.

As per billbikun Redfall new hefty pricing for the European region is 79.99 Euros and which translates to $69.99 for the US.

The title will also have a Deluxe Edition, and the Deluxe Edition of the title will cost 29.99 Euros extra for the Xbox Series X version.

This price hike isn't surprising as Microsoft had announced that it would be increasing the price of its first-party games by $10, so 59.99 to 69.99 USD.

Redfall will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day it releases & those who have an active Game Pass can play the game without spending a single dime.

The AAA title has had its delays; it was to be released in summer 2022, then it got delayed & then it was said to launch in early 2023, which got delayed too.

We’ll surely learn more details about the upcoming AAA title from Microsoft in its Xbox Developer Direct tomorrow.

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