The Last of Us Part I Receives a HotFix for PC



The Last of Us Part I is a horror survival video game developed by Naughty Dog & produced by Sony Entertainment.

A few days ago, The Last of Us got its Port for PC after six months of its release on PlayStation.

The game hasn't had a good start! the Port has been terrible from the get-go.

The community isn't very happy about the PC Port of the Last Of Us Part 1 & has voiced their opinion.

Because of various other channels that reported the issues, developers have pushed a HotFix for the messy port.

Developers with this HotFix try to fix the number of issues that have been causing trouble to the players.

The devs have also introduced a tracker to help spot any game issues.

The patch does seem to have made things better in some way, but it still needs a lot more work than just a Hotfix.

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