The Last of Us Part I Receives a HotFix for PC


  • The Last of Us Part I, a horror survival video game, was released last year.
  • A few days ago, the game just got its PC port & which is a terrible port of the game.
  • The Developers released HotFix for the game, just a few days after launching it.


The Last of Us Part I PC
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The Last of Us Part 1, a horror survival video game developed by Naughty Dog & produced by Sony Entertainment, the game just got its PC port a few days ago.


It’s not been a smooth ride as it has faced some technical issues, the poor state of its release, and players have been waiting too long to experience the game. All this has led to the negative reception of The Last of Us Part I.

Now the Developers have released HotFix for the game, just five days into the game’s Messy PC launch. The HotFix is titled v.; this patch tries to refine the number of areas of the games that were unplayable.

Well, these are for Boot shutdowns, Improved performance during cutscenes, Reduced size of the PSO Cache for reducing memory requirements, and Minimization of memory-related crashes.

The Last of Us Part I Receives a HotFix for PC 1
The Last Of Us Part I, HotFix

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The update is here, thanks to all the reports from various channels like the Last of US subreddit that the developers are aware of how messy the PC port is of one of the best horror survival games.


Furthermore, the game has got many negative reviews on Steam; out of all the votes that the game has received on the platform, only 33% of votes are positive reviews of the game.

Now patch v1.0.1.6 mainly targets memory-related issues and performance improvements  As per Naughty Dog; The team is closely watching players’ reports to support future improvements and patches.

The developers have released full notes about the issues addressed & fixed with this update, and on top of it, the devs have also introduced a tracker that will help them to spot any issues within the game.

The fixes and improvements are as follows

  • Fixed a crash on boot related to saving game files.
  • Increased animation memory to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics.
  • Decreased PSO cache to reduce the memory requirement and minimize out-of-memory crashes

As I mentioned above, The Last of Us Part 1 PC Port hasn’t been good at all from the get-go, and the game becomes the eighteenth PlayStation Exclusive game that has received a terrible port. 


The Community has been very about the Last of Us PC Port and how the messy port has ruined the experience, especially the graphics.

For instance, Joel and Ellie look bad on the PC port, and with all this is the game’s performance which isn’t any good either, no matter the hardware, and simply crashes the game for many players.

Well, the issue that has caused major trouble for the players is the shader-building issue.

Well, the patch does seem to have made things better in some way, but it still needs a lot more work than just a Hotfix. A game of this caliber should be good, not terrible or absolutely unplayable, especially when it comes to the list as one of the best horror survival games.

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