VALORANT to Get a New Spray Wheel Feature



VALORANT is a first-person tactical shooter game developed & published by Riot Games in 2020.

The dev. regularly updates the game with new features and performs bug fixes to keep the game fresh & bug-free.

Now, if you have been playing VALORANT from the early get-go, you’d see that some of the features feel different or have changed.

The developer from introducing the gameplay changes, such as new maps & alongside the UI & UX changes.

As per a leak, it seems like Riot Games is set to introduce new features to VALORANT.

Sprays in VALORANT are cosmetic images that can be used on any map, like items & weapons.

Some of the sprays are just plain photos, but some of the sprays have extra animations & sound effects.

Players can unlock sprays by progressing in battle passes, finishing agent contracts, or purchasing cosmetic bundles.

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