VALORANT to Get a New Spray Wheel Feature


  • Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter game.
  • As per a leak, Valorant is getting a new feature soon.
  • Vaolorant will soon get an all-new Spray wheel & inventory updates.
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VALORANT is a first-person tactical shooter game developed & published by Riot Games in 2020. As we know, the developer regularly updates the game with new features & performs bug fixes to keep the game fresh & to provide a smoother gaming experience.


 If you have been playing Volrant from the early get-go, you’d see that some of the features feel different or have changed. Also, apart from introducing gameplay changes such as new maps & agents, Riot Games have actively made changes to the UI and UX of the game.

As per a leak by VALORANT Leaks, Riot Games will soon be introducing an all-new spray wheel and updates to how the inventory looks in the game. Now you may ask what sprays are. Well, sprays are the cosmetic images in Valorant that can be used on any map, like items or weapons.

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As of now, the players are only allowed to equip with three sprays a piece for pre-round, mid-round, and post-round. Also, some of the sprays are just plain photos, but some of the sprays have extra animations & sound effects. Furthermore, the sprays that are meant to be distracting cannot be used during a round. 

Now that we know what sprays are, how do you get them? Well, normally, you can unlock sprays by progressing in battle passes, finishing agent contracts, or purchasing cosmetic bundles.


With that being said, there’s a catch, and that is you save the sprays that you plan to use before you enter a lobby, which in turn will confine you from using any other sprays in the game. 

In addition to this, the developer is introducing a new way to save more ways to save more sprays, and that is what the Spray wheel is; it works similarly to the emote wheel in LoL (League of Legends).

Coming back to the leak, after the all-new spray wheel is live, you will have the chance to add up to four sprays on the spray wheel, now the benefit of this is that players will be able to choose the spray that they want to use regardless of whether its a pre, mid or post round. However, distracting sprays will still be limited in their usage.

The leak also mentions a new & upgraded inventory system that will be coming to the game. Once the new inventory system is live, players will be able to search spray names and add them to the wheel. Although there is no update to the emotes, the developers have still anyway gone ahead and implemented the spray wheel anyway.

Furthermore, the reaction from the VALORANT community about the upcoming Quality of-life change is mostly positive although players have pointed out how the emote wheel in LoL was recently upgraded from five to nine slots, and while some of them said the game could have implemented eight spray choices from the get-go.


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