About Us

Back in the day if someone told you that eSports was really a thing then you would have probably laughed and didn’t bother to give a second thought to it.

Well, this ignorance tends to take people’s minds away when they hear that some kid bagged a record-breaking $3M by winning a Fortnite World Cup at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in the US.

Now, talking a bit more about us, we are a small team of Tech and eSports (or Electronics Sports) enthusiasts, trying to spread the word out there all about eSports and all electronic gaming mediums and platforms.

We, on a weekly basis, push 4-5 articles regarding all the news in the eSports Industry, all the upcoming national and international eSports competitions, and a few tips & tricks to brighten your gaming experience.

If you have any suggestions and you want to tell us about any improvement, then you can Contact Us directly because we are here to hear you. And in the meantime, navigate here to meet our small yet awesome team.

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