In Call of Duty Black Ops 6, there will most likely be a campaign mission set during the terrorist attacks of 911, 2001.
May 26, 2024

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 May Feature Mission Set on 9/11

Fans of the Call of Duty are set to be blown away by a surprise hitch concerning the next release, Black Ops 6. To put it in…
Warhammer 40000 Updates on the Boltgun Expansion
May 25, 2024

Warhammer 40000: Updates on the Boltgun Expansion

Developer Auroch Digital and publisher Focus Entertainment have unveiled the forthcoming expansion for the retro shooter, Warhammer 40000: Boltgun. Known as ‘Forges of Corruption’, this much-anticipated film…
Age of Empires IV Warhammer Dev Relic Entertainment Becomes Independent
May 23, 2024

Age of Empires IV Studio Relic Entertainment Goes Independent

The team at Relic Entertainment, which has previously developed some of the best strategy games like Company of Heroes and Age of Empires 4, seems ready to…
Kingdom Hearts Will Eventually Be Available on Steam on June 13
May 22, 2024

Kingdom Hearts Will Eventually Be Available on Steam on June 13

The future of gaming is about to brighten up as the Kingdom Hearts franchise, merging Disney fairytales with the Square Enix narrative, will become available on Steam…
Pokemon GO User Finds A Bounsweet That's More Uncommon Than A Shundo
May 21, 2024

Pokemon GO User Finds A Bounsweet That’s More Uncommon Than A Shundo

Season of Wonders in Pokémon GO has been a mixed bag of emotions for fans. The recent Avatar update has led to some players feeling disconnected amidst…
Grand Theft Auto VI will undoubtedly launch in late 2025.
May 17, 2024

Grand Theft Auto VI will Undoubtedly Launch in Late 2025

Take-Two Interactive, which is Rockstar Games' parent organization, has set the GTA VI's release date now set for the Fall of the year 2025. This means the…
PlayStation Would Rather Prioritize Platform Playtime Over Software Sales
May 16, 2024

PlayStation Would Rather Prioritize “Platform Playtime” Over Software Sales

During the Investor Caller, Sony declared a noteworthy change in PlayStation's strategy where "platform playtime" instead of the typical software sales metrics became the main focus. This…
A Fallout 4 Fan Makes a Customized Pip-Boy
May 14, 2024

A Fallout 4 Fan Makes a Customized Pip-Boy

Tech lovers and fans of Fallout are talking a lot about the recent creation of a Reddit user Aperturelab1. This devoted Vault Dweller has taken the iconic…
A Minecraft player displays the magnificent natural cave they discovered while exploring
May 13, 2024

Lost Wonder Unearthed! Minecraft Player Discovers a Secret Natural Cave

Plunge into the dynamic realm of Minecraft that is modified with the latest updates and mysterious underground land is a marvel for the spelunkers. The Caves &…
A Fallout 4 player's clever method for obtaining more defense at their settlement
May 11, 2024

Unbreakable Walls? This Fallout 4 Player’s Method Makes Settlements Impregnable

In the vast and treacherous wasteland of Fallout 4, survival hinges on one's ability to build and defend settlements against myriad threats. Recently, a resourceful player, known…
The Most Recent GTA Online Update Lets You Become A Sea Creature
May 10, 2024

The Most Recent GTA Online Update Lets You Become A Sea Creature

In this new version of GTA Online, players will experience more excitement as they sink into Los Santos' oceans for the first time in the deepest way…
This Nintendo Switch feature will be removed on June 10.
May 10, 2024

This Nintendo Switch Feature Will Be Removed on June 10

Heads up, gamers! Starting June 10, 2024, a familiar feature on your beloved Nintendo Switch will bid farewell. You know that handy tool you've been using to…
Somehow, Helldivers 2 Players Use A Charger To Take Out A Bile Titan
May 9, 2024

Somehow, Helldivers 2 Players Use A Charger To Take Out A Bile Titan

In the intense battleground of Helldivers 2, where players face off against the formidable Terminid horde, one Reddit user has unveiled a surprising strategy to topple the…
Genshin Impact Furina's Mysterious Original Concept Illustration Leaks
May 7, 2024

Genshin Impact Furina’s Mysterious Original Concept Illustration: Leaks’

Genshin Impact fans are now rolling on the floor with enthusiasm after the recent leak that revealed the original concept art for Lady Furina, the best-known Hydro…
The Black Ops 6 pre-order bonus could be a classic Call of Duty character.
May 2, 2024

Black Ops 6 Pre-Order Bonus: Classic Character Incoming?

People who are fans of Call of Duty are excited about the speculation that their favorite character of Black Ops 6 will be back.  The information from…
In Counter-Strike 2, a left-handed mode has been added.
Apr 29, 2024

Big Update for Counter-Strike 2: Left-Handed Mode and UI Improvements

Counter-Strike 2 enthusiasts, rejoice! The news we have all been anticipating has finally been announced: the latest update now includes a left-handed mode. Right-handed and left-handed players had different…

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