A Fallout 4 Fan Makes a Customized Pip-Boy


  • Reddit user Aperturelab1 transforms the iconic Pip-Boy from Fallout into a vintage masterpiece with a 1950s car radio aesthetic.
  • The custom Pip-Boy features a functional tape deck, allowing users to enjoy music from the wasteland, alongside a hidden compartment for storing essential tools.
  • This innovative creation showcases the enduring creativity of the Fallout community and offers a unique blend of nostalgia and functionality for fans of Fallout 4.
A Fallout 4 Fan Makes a Customized Pip-Boy
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Tech lovers and fans of Fallout are talking a lot about the recent creation of a Reddit user Aperturelab1. This devoted Vault Dweller has taken the iconic Pip-Boy from the Fallout franchise and given it a stunning makeover, by adding a 1950s car radio aesthetic to it.


Fallout 4 Fan Crafts Vintage-Inspired Custom Pip-Boy

Away from the usual Pip-Boy designs, Aperturelab1’s invention is a sight to behold. This Pip-Boy is like a classic muscle car accessory, with chrome accents and a screen cleverly integrated into a mock radio design. Flanking the screen are two prominent knobs, hinting at their in-game functionalities

Fallout 4

What makes this Pip-Boy unique is not only its looks but also its usefulness. It has a fully operational tape deck, hence the users can listen to their favorite tunes from the wasteland (of course, they need to find some working tapes first). Nevertheless, the inventiveness doesn’t stop there.

Home Made Pip-Boy
byu/Aperturelab1 inFallout

Hidden inside the Pip-Boy, there is a secret compartment similar to a glove box, which is ideal for storing the necessary tools for the wasteland like a wrench or soldering iron.

Made of strong stainless steel and powered by four 18650 batteries, this device is constructed to endure the challenges of life after the apocalypse.

Although some of the dials may be just for decoration, they add to the overall beauty of this one-of-a-kind work. It is proof of the ingenuity and enthusiasm of the Fallout community, demonstrating the limitless potential that the wasteland has.


Although there were other fan-made Pip-Boys before, Aperturelab1’s work was the most innovative one. It is proof that even in a world destroyed by nuclear bombs, there is still a place for creativity and individuality.

Thus, for the fans of Fallout 4 and the people who like the old-fashioned look, this custom Pip-Boy is a must-have piece of technology.

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