Apex Legends Developer Hits Back: Statement Released on Recent Hacking Incident


  • Apex Legends experiences a security breach during ALGS, prompting Respawn’s quick response and commitment to improved security.
  • Respawn addresses speculation about Easy Anti-Cheat, affirming their dedication to fair play.
  • Despite hurdles, Respawn hints at exciting future expansions, including Titanfall and Star Wars projects, maintaining player anticipation.
Apex Legends Developer Hits Back Statement Released on Recent Hacking Incident
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In a recent turn of events, Apex Legends, the immensely popular battle royale sensation, encountered a troubling security breach during the North American regional finals of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).


The infiltration of hackers into the tournament sent shockwaves through the Apex Legends community, raising significant concerns regarding the game’s susceptibility to malicious activities.

However, developer Respawn Entertainment swiftly moved to assuage these apprehensions, offering a comprehensive update aimed at addressing the incident and outlining plans for heightened security measures moving forward.

Respawn Responds to Apex Legends ALGS Hacking Incident, Vows Security Enhancements

The realm of online gaming, unfortunately, is no stranger to the perils of cheating and hacking, particularly in titles as high-profile as Apex Legends. Since its inception in 2019, the game has grappled with various instances of cheating, prompting Respawn to take decisive action against offenders.

Notably, in a crackdown last year, over 3,000 cheaters were banned from ranked matches, showcasing the developer’s steadfast commitment to upholding fair play. Despite these efforts, the recent breach during the ALGS served as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against nefarious actors within the gaming ecosystem.

Apex Legends
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Speculation initially swirled around a potential vulnerability within Easy Anti-Cheat, the software integral to Apex Legends’ anti-cheating framework.


However, clarifications from Epic Games, the developers behind Easy Anti-Cheat, swiftly dispelled any notions of culpability on their part, affirming that no identified issues existed within their software. In response, Respawn promptly issued a statement detailing their actions in light of the incident.

According to Respawn’s update, the competition was promptly halted upon detection of the hacking incident, underscoring the paramount importance placed on maintaining the integrity of competitive gameplay.

Furthermore, Respawn disclosed the implementation of “the first of a layered series of updates” aimed at fortifying the game’s security infrastructure. While the specifics of these enhancements were not divulged, their announcement signals a proactive approach from the developers to bolster defenses against future breaches.

Beyond the immediate aftermath of the hacking incident, Respawn Entertainment finds itself navigating through a series of challenges, including recent workforce reductions as part of EA’s organizational restructuring efforts.

Despite this, EA CEO Andrew Wilson hinted at the prospect of expanding the horizons of Apex Legends by exploring “more modalities of play,” potentially opening doors to new avenues of growth in the coming years. However, the repercussions of the layoffs on the game’s development trajectory remain shrouded in uncertainty.


Amidst these trials, there exists a glimmer of hope for fans of Respawn’s repertoire, with reports surfacing about the studio’s endeavors on multiple fronts.

Notably, work is said to be underway on a new installment in the Titanfall franchise, alongside the development of an intriguing Star Wars strategy game.

Overall, the prospect of a sequel to the acclaimed Titanfall 2 has long been a source of fervent anticipation among enthusiasts, although Respawn has remained guarded in their commentary on the matter.

While official revelations may be on the horizon, Respawn’s persistent commitment to refining Apex Legends and venturing into uncharted territories promises to keep the gaming community engaged and enthralled.

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