Epic Wins! Fortnite and Game Store Back on iPhones in Europe


  • Apple permits Epic to bring Fortnite back to iPhones in Europe after regulatory pressure.
  • European Union’s Digital Markets Act influences Apple’s decision to reinstate Epic’s developer account
  • Epic’s success in Europe signals a possible shift in their legal clash with Apple, impacting app distribution worldwide.
Apple Allows Epic Games to Restore Fortnite and Game Store on iPhones Across Europe
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In a significant development in the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple, the tech giant has reversed its decision to block Epic from launching its game store and reinstated Fortnite on the App Store in Europe.


This reversal comes following pressure from European regulators enforcing the new Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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Apple Greenlights Epic Games to Bring Fortnite and Game Store Back to iPhones Across Europe

The feud between Epic and Apple dates back to 2020 when Epic challenged Apple’s practice of charging hefty commissions of up to 30% on in-app purchases within its App Store, citing antitrust concerns.

In a move to protest this policy, Epic introduced a direct payment system within Fortnite, bypassing Apple’s payment system altogether. Consequently, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store and revoked Epic’s developer account.

Despite losing its legal battle against Apple in the US, Epic found support from the European Union through the DMA.


This legislation aims to prevent tech giants like Apple and Google from exercising undue control over app distribution on their platforms. With the EU issuing a deadline for compliance with the DMA, Apple’s decision to block Epic coincided with this timeframe.

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Epic Wins! Fortnite and Game Store Back on iPhones in Europe
Image Credits: MacRumors

In response to pressure from EU regulators, Apple reconsidered its stance. This led to the reinstatement of Epic’s developer account, paving the way for the return of Fortnite and the establishment of Epic’s game store on iPhones and iPads in Europe.

This development underscores the increasing influence of regulatory measures like the DMA in shaping the digital marketplace. It represents a significant victory for Epic and could mark a turning point in their legal battle with Apple.

While Epic views this as a demonstration of the EU’s commitment to holding tech giants accountable, Apple asserts that Epic has agreed to comply with their DMA policies.


Although Fortnite’s return to Europe is assured, its availability in the US remains uncertain as the legal proceedings there continue.

This situation is likely to be closely monitored by developers and tech enthusiasts, given its potential to reshape the landscape of app distribution on mobile devices.


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