Microsoft Releases Xbox Game Pass Wave 1 Lineup for April 2024


  • Xbox Game Pass unveils an exciting April lineup, featuring Superhot: Mind Control Delete and Botany Manor among other diverse titles.
  • Gamers can enjoy kart racing in LEGO 2K Drive and explore mysteries in Kona, with new additions available across all platforms.
  • Don’t miss out on discounted purchases of departing titles as Xbox Game Pass continues to deliver captivating experiences for players this April.
Microsoft Releases Xbox Game Pass Wave 1 Lineup for April 2024
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Xbox Game Pass will go live with a collection of heart-pumping games in April 2024, as per the announcement by Microsoft. 


This abundant variety caters to both fast-paced racing games and comprehensive story adventures, which together fulfill the craving for a variety of tastes in gaming.

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Xbox Game Pass Welcomes Spring with a Diverse April Lineup

The first game of the month is Superhot: Humanize: Mind Control Delete which is playable now on PC, Console, and Cloud platforms. 

Such a long-anticipated sequel to the hit time-bending shooter series (which initially delivered the addictive gameplay mechanics of the original) expands the story started by the sequel and introduces roguelike features.

The remaining days of April will keep thrilling both the race fans and golf enthusiasts alike. The title of LEGO 2K Drive (Cloud and Console) is already out on the market on April 3rd. 


IGN gives the game a positive appraisal as a fun and feature-rich kart racing game elaborated with an extensive custom car creation feature. 

On April 4th gamers will be able to participate in EA Sports PGA Tour (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X|S) through EA Play – a chance to swing the club and prove in-game dominance on virtual golf courses.

On the 4th of April, the LGG (Lil Gator Game) Cloud, Console, and PC versions will be released, an enjoyable choice for independent game connoisseurs. 

On the 9th of April, Kona (Cloud and Console) also enjoyed great success, threading an intriguing tale through the foreboding landscape of a secluded remote Canadian town.

Image Credits: Microsoft

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Botany Manor, this fresh day-one Game Pass addition, will take flight on April 9 on all platforms, including Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. 

The team is developing this unique game that targets a peaceful and aesthetically breathtaking experience that facilitates the restoration of rare plants inside a historic house. 

On April 11, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for Cloud, Console, and PC will be out for action-adventure game genre fans to continue Lara Croft’s final origin story. 

It is a full package that has the base game, seven DLC Challenge Tombs, and many downloadable contents. The highly anticipated arrival of Harold Halibut on April 16th will perfectly round up the enthusiasm.

Rather than just playing as characters on a spaceship that’s comparable to a whole city, as well as swimming in a sea of alien feel, the players may conquer themes of friendship and life on this concept on the fly, which is available on Game Pass right from the first.

The closure of some well-liked games from the April 15 list will be a sad part of the new entries on the Game Pass list. Players will be able to buy these items at a discount of 20% allowing them to keep their collections intact forever.


Computer, Console, and Amnesia Collection under Cloud.

  1. Amnesia: Reincarnation (PC, Console, and cloud)
  2. Return 4 Blood: the game is available on platforms PC, Console, and Cloud (PC, Console and Cloud).
  3. The Shadow Abys (PC, Console, and Cloud).
  4. Explore and Wipe Out (PC, Console, and Cloud).
  5. Soma for PC, Console, and Cloud platforms.

Overall, Indie cult merchants, day-one blockbusters, and household names are all part of the exciting gaming experiences promised by the Xbox Game Pass additions for April 2024 that cover the first wave. 

For this month, the game list is set to keep players hooked — whether it’s the fascinating stories or the intense actions they’re after. A discounted purchase of outgoing titles and an increased variety of games are possible in your collection until April 15th, so do not forget to check them out.


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